What you expect more from salient features of Windows 10

Windows 10

After a long wait finally Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10, the new version of Windows about which we have been talking in public over these weeks. Among many of the innovations that Windows 10 brings; we are going to reveal some of them. How could it be otherwise; WinPhone Metro brings you a collection of features, innovations and implementations that Windows 10 will bring.

Windows 10 is the new version of the operating system of Microsoft, which arrives to try to redeem the mistakes of Windows 8, and make the experience much more familiar as well as traditional to users with keyboard and mouse use, bringing back several features that many users missed and it’s incorporating new also.


Microsoft will launch Windows 10 to the public in late 2015, so much time to improve the system and make it perfect before enjoying by our computers. On its price, it was not mentioned anything so far. The operating system can run on more devices than ever, like wareables, consoles, televisions, computers and phones, but we will not see the final version until the middle or end of 2015. So far neither has spoken about prices.

With Windows 10 Microsoft bets on its mobile devices and data management through the cloud, you can access them from different devices and maintain all information, depending on the device, you could want to access.


One of the biggest problems with Windows 8 was the change of the interface; but in Windows 10 this is solved leaving back the desktop to desktop and the Metro interface for mobile and touch devices. The systems are unified for touch screens by creating a hybrid environment between Metro and desktop.

One of the most anticipated features has appeared again, there has been no surprise that Windows 10 re-enter the Start menu in the desktop. The new start menu is quite similar to the one we had in Windows 7 but with touches of Windows 8 as the ability to include Live Tiles for Metro applications, resize those Tiles, universal search and Web outcome.

Windows 10 brings a renewed console system; the main improvement is the ability to select, filter clipboard contents, support new keyboard shortcuts and more.


Virtual desktops play an important role in Windows 10; may have open or close as many times as you want; you know the number of desktops that you can have, but you should suppose that it might be influenced by the ability of hardware. This feature will be available for versions of PC, tablets and servers except those that are based on ARM structure.

As you can see Windows 10 has come strongly focused, as expected, in response to desktop users as required functionalities as the Start button or better multitasking management or Task View virtual desktops.

Is it enough to achieve new success of the company? We will have to wait for the final version. For now, it seems that the news will be well received by users; convergence will be more towards the principal value of the Windows platform.

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