What to do if you forget your unlock code of your iPhone

Update : Please read our updated article if you Forgot iPhone Password

Mobile devices are a trunk that contains information about users; photos, documents, passwords, games, browsing history and more. With this in mind, it is normal that there is growing concern about privacy and more and more users taking steps to prevent the data from being compromised. As you know, every Apple mobile device have a lock code that prevents anyone to view the contents of the device. It is a code that will have to type every to unlock the device and consists of four digits , but we can also add a longer password. If anyone tries to enter the device and do not know the code, it will be impossible to see the home screen. Also, if you type it wrong several times the device will be locked for several minutes. It is rare, but may be the case that we forget our own code, especially if you have used a long password. We tell you what you can do to unlock the terminal.

If you’ve added a lock code to the iPhone and you’ve forgotten, you should know that there is no way to recover the password as with other services that we send it to our email. Apple has designed the system to work only with that code, so that the only option for the terminal is to restore the system. If you’ve made ​​a backup recently, then you are not likely to lose any data, but if you don’t do so, there is a bad news for you as you will lose all the information/data stored in the terminal.

The restore process deletes all data and settings, just leaving the terminal like the same you bought from the shop. We can use several methods to restore the system, but the most common is to do it through iTunes. All you have to do is connect the terminal with a USB cable, open iTunes and select the option “Restore iPhone”, on the main panel, with the option to search for available updates. The process takes several minutes and when finished will have the iPhone to factory settings without the code. At this point we have to restore our backup if we have it or configure the terminal with the wizard.

Another possibility is to use the Find My iPhone from the web. We went into iCloud.com and start session. From the panel of Find my iPhone will see the option to delete the content. Finally, if you have neither synced with iTunes nor set up Find My iPhone, the only option is to make the iPhone into recovery mode and restore from iTunes. For this we turn off the device and hold down the home button until the recovery of the display screen. Then connect it to iTunes, which will detect an iPhone in recovery mode, restore it and go.

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