How to Use Find My iPhone with iCloud and Track Missing Devices

When it comes to security, Apple devices are very secure whether its Mac, iPhone or iPad. If you are logged in with your iCloud ID, you don’t need to get worried. iOS devices get cleaned up after a certain failure attempt of unlocking. It can’t be unlocked without your Apple ID or Passcode. In the same way, MacBook or iMac can also be locked with EFI Password. When you set EFI Password you can choose to reset it via iCloud or can even leave it. So it can’t be booted with other Hard Disk or formatted. However today we will talk about Find my iPhone feature, also known as Find my Mac or Find my iPad.

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What is Find My iPhone/Mac/iPad/iPod Touch

Find my iPhone feature helps users to find the missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or even Mac. If you forget the device somewhere or unable to find it even in home, you can locate on Map or Play sound via iCloud. It also allows to send a message with contact number, that appears on lock screen. So the person who found it can contact you. We will tell you all.

How to activate Find My iPhone feature on iPhone or iPad

  • Go to iPhone’s Settings
  • Tap on iCloud (you must login with your Apple ID and Password, if you are not logged in)
  • Tap on Find My iPhone / iPad
  • Enable Find My iPhone iPad feature
  • You can also enable Send Last Location if you want your device to send your Phone’s location automatically to Apple when battery is critical. It may help to find the device when lost and battery is dead

How to enable Find My Mac feature on Mac OS X

  • Launch System Preferences on Mac
  • Click on iCloud
  • Check the Find My Mac option

What happens after enabling Find my Mac Feature

FInd my iPhone iCLoud and App option

Find My iPhone / iPad or Mac needs access to location service to keep track of the locations wherever your iPhone goes. Once Find My iPhone feature is enabled, your devices will appear on iCloud as well as iPhone’s Find My iPhone app. It also shows the status whether device is online of offline.

My iPhone, iPad or Mac is Missing, how to use Find My iPhone feature to locate?

  • Visit or open Find My iPhone app on your iPhone
  • Login with your Apple ID and Password
  • Tap/Click on the missing device
  • It will show you the current location or last seen (if device is offline)
  • If you can track and find the device, well and good, otherwise follow these steps

Mac Users have three options : Play Sound, Lock and Erase

You can Play Sound to find your missing MacBook if it is missing somewhere at your home, or can do it to let someone know that laptop is missing. Once you click/tap on Play Sound, your device will start emitting sound.

Lock option is used to lock your MacBook instantly, so no one can access except you.

Erase option can be used to erase your MacBook. If you have important data on it, and you don’t want someone to get access, you can erase it remotely.

iPhone Users also have three options : Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase

Play Sound and Erase options do the same job it does for your Mac. iPhones don’t have the lock option, because it is already locked. You can’t even enable Find My iPhone without lock code.

Lost Mode allows to leave a message along with Contact number for lost iPhone. That message appears on the lock screen on iPhone. The person who finds your device can see the message, and call you from your iPhone without unlocking it. Don’t worry, he can’t unlock or get access to any other stuffs except that particular call or message.

FInd My iPhone Actions

How to turn off Find My iPhone on iOS devices

It is not recommended for your Security. If you still want to do so, follow these Steps

  • Enter your iPhone’s or iPad’s Settings
  • Tap on iCloud, and then tap Find My iPhone / iPad
  • Disable the Find My iPhone / iPad
  • You will need to enter the Password of your iCloud ID

How to Turn Off Find My Mac on OS X

  • Go to System Preferences on Mac
  • Click on iCloud
  • Uncheck Find My Mac Option
  • You will be asked for Admin Password
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