What is Siri and how to use this feature on iOS

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How to use Siri What is siri

What is Siri

Siri is voice assistant feature that comes pre-installed on Apple device, like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV etc.. SIRI word stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. Siri feature has been enabled in iOS devices from iOS 5, and iPhone 4s was the first smartphone to get Siri. It was introduced on October 14, 2011. iPad 3 was the first Apple tablet to get Siri in May 2012, and iPod Touch 5th Generation became the first iPod powered by Siri Virtual Voice Assistant app that was announced in October 2012.

Since 2011 iOS devices have received so many updated, and now mobile devices are running iOS 9.3.1. Along with updates Siri has also been equipped with new languages, features and so on…

Apple owns siri.com domain, but they don’t use a separate domain to define Siri. When you put the URL siri.com in the address bar, it will be redirected to apple.com’s Siri Page. 

What languages Siri Speaks and Understand

You can ask Siri “What languages do you know.”

You can communicate with Siri in the Following Languages

English : Siri understands English language in various accents, that includes American, British, Australian, Canadian, Indian, Kiwi (New Zealand) and Singaporean

French : Understands the accents of people from France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland

German : Siri is familiar with the accent of people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Italian : It Can understand Italian accent of Italy and Switzerland

Spanish : Whether you are from United States, Spain or Mexico Siri understand the Spanish accent you speak

Chinese : There are little difference in the Chinese language that people from Hong Kong (Cantonese), China (Mandarin) and Taiwan (Mandarin) speak, but Siri understands all

Siri also understands and speaks, Arabic, Danish, Dutch (Belgium/Netherlands), Finnish, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. 

How to use Siri

first of all you need to enable Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch if you have not enabled so far. Siri can be enabled on your iOS device from Settings –> General –> Siri

Enable Siri

Once Siri is enabled, you can press and hold the Home Button, and Siri will popup on the screen. Now you can ask or command to do a task.

If you don’t want’t to use Home Button, you can enable Hey Siri feature that will bring Siri on screen whenever you say “Hey Siri.” Hey Siri feature can also be turned on from Settings –> General –> Siri. Enable Hey Siri, and follow the screen prompt. You will be asked to speak Hey Siri and some other sentences a couple of times to make sure that Siri pops up only when you command, and it would ignore others voices.

What to ask Siri

You can ask Siri anything you want, but she also has some limitation. Siri can find information, apps, content on your device, and can also look on the web. She can calculate, play song, start timer, launch application, make call, set an alarm, save a reminder, check stocks, convert currencies, send texts and so on. You can simply command, Send a text or make a call, Siri will ask you further detail. There are some Funny things to ask Siri that you can also learn to have little fun with Siri.