What if Microsoft opens a door to the Android applications on Windows Phone?

We will not deny that Microsoft is getting a very good evolution of its mobile platform, and Windows Phone 8.1 will reach many expected functionalities present in the competition. But within applications, no less, and are not always a priority for developers.

Anonymous sources in internal and Microsoft Windows Phone, or even Windows.

We cannot assure that it would be an appropriate way to make the Windows Phone ecosystem is more rich and attractive again, but we can remember that right now we have a similar experience with BlackBerry 10, and the reality is that there has not been a push to the platform of the Canadian company.

It is also true that Microsoft machinery is much more powerful, and able to run with greater assurance as a radical movement. By the way, Windows Phone is a platform and with much more value in developing BlackBerry users and 10.

Seems plans are at an early stage – and in consideration – nothing that we will see tomorrow, but either way, it would be a path that Microsoft should handle with care. You could end up killing their own development platforms: if offers facilities for a developer to work carrying their Windows Phone, to do the job twice.

Regarding the hardware, I do not think anyone finds obstacles, platforms are increasingly similar components (both ARM and Intel), controllers, and possibilities. Yes, it seems more important to the way in which a user can access and run applications, should be simple and transparent, without emulation.

Normandy could open the way

Throughout this cocoa possibility, we introduce the small Normandy Nokia, this phone no doubt that inside there is a version of Android, and that could allow the two goals that seem to consider on the table easily to bring Android applications, and access to the Microsoft/Nokia services.

To Microsoft is vital that there are many devices that connect to your cloud, their services, more important than making money selling phones.

Millions of customers have their Google accounts associated with their Android devices, so does Apple, but in the case of Windows, there is no close relationship with their cloud services. We are already seeing movement to revive the business, such as renaming SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Another interesting detail, Satya Nadella, brand new in office, has the responsibility to decide what to do, and in the future we will evaluate the wisdom that was in one of his first major moves. We do not forget the possibility of not charging for licenses its mobile operating system, also raised weeks ago.

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