What does “i” mean in iPhone, iMac or iOS?

Apple product name and i

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Apple products and even operating system have names that start with small “i”, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS, iMac etc.. Have you ever wondered what “i” stands for as far as Apple products are concerned.

When Steve Jobs introduced a iMac in 1998, he mentioned in the event that iMac has been made to target the number one use of the computer, and that is “internet.” iMac was made to browse internet simply and fast. You must be thinking that “i” stands for “Internet,” but it’s not as simple as we think.

Steve Jobs didn’t stop there, and explained further that “i” also means some other things to us; internet, individual, instruct, inform, inspire etc.. We are targeting it also for education, and it’s perfect for most of the things they do in instruction, it’s perfect for finding tremendous source of information over the internet, and we hope this product will inspire us all to make even better product in future, he added.

What does i stands for in Apple product

There after Apple started launching almost all the products with a name starting with small “i”. However, they didn’t realize the internet thing while launching its first “iPod”.

Now apple has products as well as OS with a small “i” in it. iMac, iOS, iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, “i” is missing in many other products, like Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac OS X or Macintosh, Apple Music etc.. As Steve Jobs said, iMac has a major target as “internet,” but “i” means some other things as well. So small “i” in apple products’ name doesn’t have a fixed meaning

You can watch the video below to see how Steve Jobs explain “i” for iMac. In the video after 15 mins and 50 seconds they introduce iMac.


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