An Introduction to Wallet Factory White Label Digital Wallet

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What is Wallet Factory?

walletfactoryBy the end of last year, nearly two million businesses from more than a dozen countries of the world opted for at least one of the digital products developed by Wallet Factory. Since 2016, the company managed to broaden the scope of its operation to four continents. Wallet Factory’s central office is situated in London.

Wallet Factory provides a unique mobile payment solution for different industries, including telecommunication, banking, online shops, and postal services. The offered product includes the fully-fledged while-label mobile wallet designed to satisfy all of the necessary business needs.

The companies that represent the mentioned industries can purchase ready-to-use digital wallets which can be further customized in concordance with their brand image and business vision.

White Label Digital Wallet: the Reason for Having One

Having a digital wallet has become an absolute necessity for any brick-and-mortar and online business. However, the development of such solutions usually requires a lot of time and investment which aren’t always available.

Wallet Factory understands these concerns better than anyone else. That’s why we have elaborated a unique white label wallet app that will help businesses from various industries take their services to the next level.

Our e-wallet app offers an array of functional capabilities that will make your business even more customer-friendly.

The feature-packed mobile wallet

The fully-functional mobile wallet comes as a white label product which means that it can be customized to become entirely consistent with your brand and the industry which your business operates.

The users of this wallet app will be able to perform hassle-free domestic and international money transaction in a matter of minutes. The digital wallet will also enable online retailers to offer their customer the option to make in-app and in-store payments via Masterpass QR as well as Online cashless payments. QR code mobile payment also come as a primary option of the e-wallet app.

The uniqueness of the product

What makes this company different from the competition is that it managed to accommodate a full-package of mobile payment options (and more) within a single product. Apart from conducting instant and seamless financial transactions, the wallets will also enable users to perform the KYC procedures, carry out online invoicing, and establish new sales funnels through CMR and geolocation. The businesses will be capable of initiating their loyalty programs and issuing gift cards and certificates within this e-wallet solution.