Viglink Review : Affiliate Program that pays even without sale

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Earning money from a blog or Website could be tough if you don’t know the right means. There are many Ad Networks that you can join, but finding the best one is really tough. Along with serving ads, you must join affiliate programs to boost revenue. A good affiliate program can pay even more than Adsense.

How does Affiliate Programs work on any blog or website?

  1. You join the Affiliate Network
  2. Use their provided links on your blog
  3. When users click on the link and make a purchase or pay for the service, you get Paid
  4. 0 sales may mean 0 income (but not applicable for all Affiliate Networks)

Why Viglink is the best affiliate network for Publishers?

I have tried many Affiliate Programs, but Viglink was turned out the best one. Viglink was founded in 2009, and they have been in this industry for so long. They have tie-up with many brands, including Apple, T-Mobile, AT&T, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, GearBest, and so on, it can also be checked manually that we will tell later in this article.

Here are the top reasons Why Viglink is the best

  1. There is no need to find brands or advertiser to promote
  2. Viglink doesn’t require you to request approval from brands, they do it automatically
  3. You get paid based on CPA (Cost per action) and CPC (Cost Per Click)
  4. You can write article normally as you do, Viglink will create affiliate links automatically
  5. Quick Auto Approval for all new publishers
  6. Works with Google Adsense without any issue
  7. Easy installation and control

Does Viglink really pay without sale (for clicks)?

Yes, they do. However, they don’t pay for all clicks. There are some brands and website that pays only for Action, but you can earn good money even without sale. Here is the screenshot for the earning of a couple of days, and you can see the earning from clicks.

Viglink earning

CPC rate for Amazon is pretty good. For AT&T they have paid $5.00 with $0.01 sale, and I am not sure what is that for.

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Should I run Viglink with Google Adsense?

I have been running Viglink with Google Adsense for some months, and never had any issue or warning from Google. Google Adsense is the best ad network as long as your website has keyword rich content. If you are running a website with most of the traffic coming direct or from Social Network, you should read our article about the Best CPM Ad Networks. Viglink works very well in both the cases.

How to Add Viglink to Website?

  1. Once you are logged in to Viglink, Select Manage, and click Install
  2. Now you need to select the platform you are using for your blog, i.e. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc., and follow the instruction

VigLink Insert

How to customize or increase/decrease number of Affiliate links on my blog?

  • Once you are logged in to Viglink, select Viglink, and click Settings
  • See the screenshot below of the options you will get, there are two parts of the Viglink Insert and Viglink Convert
  • Viglink Insert must be turned on
  • Fine Tuning allows to select whether you want to have more or fewer links on your blog. More links mean more revenue, but too many links may look bad sometimes if you write short articles
  • Link Target allows to select whether you want the affiliate link to open in the same window or a new Window
  • Blacklist option allows to add words that you don’t want Viglink to use (to create affiliate link)
  • Allowed Devices option let you choose whether you want Viglink to work on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or all the devices
  • Viglink Convert section also has some useful features to check. If Reaffiliate affiliated link is enabled your existing eBay and Amazon affiliate links will be reaffiliated by Viglink
  • Rest of the options already have description mentioned. You can enable or disable according to your desire

How to find the Brands/Websites that pay higher commission or Viglink has tie-up with them

  • When you are logged in into Viglink, click on Merchant
  • Now you will see the following screen

Viglink Merchant

  • Type the website URL, Brand Name, domain etc, or leave blank. Select the type of commission you are looking for CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action/sale), or both (CPC+CPA), you may select category and country if you want, and hit search
  • When you see the result, the commison rate will be mentioned clearly, and you will also come to know whether they pay for click or not (If you see CPC, it means they pay for clicks)

Note : If you type a brand name or website name in the search field, and don’t find result, that means Viglink doesn’t have tie-up with them, and you won’t get paid from Viglink if you submit their link.

How to add an Affiliate link on Blog

Viglink does it automatically, you don’t need to do anything, but if you want to publish an article with great deal, and want to make sure you earn from sale, follow these instruction;

Here is an example

I want to write an article about U80 Smartwatch that costs only $7.59 on GearBest, but I also want to make sure Viglink will pay commission for sale. I will do the following;

  1. I will go to Viglink, login with my ID and Password, and click on Merchant
  2. Now in the search field, I will type Gearbest to check if Viglink has tie-up with them
  3. Then I will simply write an article and link any word with the Gearbest URL (not Viglink URL)
  4. The URL I will link from my article will be :, and Viglink will make it affiliate automatically

Bonus tip for more earning

Try to publish articles with great deals from various websites. It will help you boost revenue. Do it at least once a week.

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