Viber users’ privacy might be at risk

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Viber security breach

It seems like this the season of vulnerability, as one after another apps and the websites are being found risky, and the users privacy are at risk. Now the issue with the Viber app has been detected. It’s not about just Viber, but Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest and other authority sites also got affected by the security breach in the past. 

Well, UNH Cyber Forensis Research & Education Group investigated the Viber app, and found the issue with this social messaging and VOIP app. They said this app stores our data in the server which is not encrypted, and hackers can steal and misuse the users data easily as it allows to retrieve the data without any authentication. At first they contacted Viber regarding this, but didn’t hear back from them, and finally the information is revealed. When two users communicate via Viber, and share doodles, images, and map stating their location, those data can be accessed by hackers (both sent and received).

Later, Viber has said that they are working on for the security patch, and this will be secured soon. Hope to get this fixed, else Viber is at risk of losing its users who are highly concerned about their privacy. It has been reported that the data on the Viber’s Amazon server is not encrypted, and the problem is that it doesn’t get deleted immediately as well. So, the hackers can access it later as well.

Watch this video to understand in a better way how exactly it works.