Users loosing interest from Facebook

People say many thing, and they will keep on saying. There are many rumors as wee, but the truth is that “Facebook is loosing its users.” You might be surprised to know that “Teens give priority to YouTube than being on Social Network for a long time.”

At least, that’s what seems to demonstrate a recently published survey by the firm eMarketer , conducted in November 2013 among American teenagers for their consumption in the network. The results of the study established that 74% of young Americans between 14-18 frequently use YouTube, while the percentage of those who do the same with Facebook stays at 60%.

The study also confirmed other data that is not new, the majority age group in the audience of Facebook is having between 25-34. According to their research, these users are more likely to use YouTubeThe middle ground between the two, which goes from 19-24 years, also preferred YouTube to Facebook, but only a 1% difference: 68% of respondents in that age stays with video site , while 67% preferred social network.

In addition, other data from The Futures Company reveal that Facebook has been replaced by YouTube as preferred by Americans between 12 and 19 digital platform. Just like in 2012 Facebook took this place, with 59% of party among respondents in the same survey in 2013 decreased to 48% and was replaced by the video site Google, with 50% of followers.

Facebook continues to be the preferred platform adolescent users to communicate with brands, but Facebook is likely to loose users in future if this continues. People will love to promote their brands where there are more users. 

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