US Unlocked Smartphone Market Growth in 2015

Unlocked Smartphones 2015

When we talk about buying a high-end smartphone, the first thing comes into users’ mind is the money. High-end phones are much expensive that every users can’t afford, and this is why they buy it from carriers on contract. Those who can’t afford to pay whole amount in one go, they either choose an installment plan, or buy with data and call plan under a certain period of contract.

US Unlocked Smartphone Market has met 140 percent growth in 2015 compared to 2014. The estimated Unlocked Smartphones’ sale for the year 2015 is around 14.6 million compared to 6.1 million units in 2014. Including unlocked and locked smartphones, around 158.7 million Smartphones have been sold, 7 percent up compared to 2014. Among over all smartphones’ sale, around 9 percent devices were unlocked, 4 percent up from a year ago. So contract-based phones still rock in the US.

BLU claimed the number one position for selling unlocked smartphones in the US. They shipped around 5.2 million smartphones in 2015 compared to 2 million in 2014, up 160 percent from a year ago. Apple also managed to achieve 157 percent growth selling around 1.8 million unlocked devices. Motorola became the third company to ship around 1.4 million unlocked Smartphones in 2015.

Here is the comparative view of US Unlocked Smartphone Market and its growth in 2015

US Unlocked Smartphone


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