US Smartphone Market Share report: iPhone leads


US smartphone market share

A report has been prepared about the US Smartphone Market Share, iPhone is not only leading but also has shown the improvement in gaining more more users. ComScore prepared a report, of last 6 months, from October 2014 to March 2015, and divided these 6 months in 2 quarter, One for December ending 2014 and other for March Ending 2015.

According to the report, Apple covered 41.6% of US Smartphone market share in the 2014 December Ending quarter and increased by 1% in 2015 March ending quarter, While Samsung had 29.7% and decreased by 1.4%. LG and HTC has shown some improvement, and here is the complete report chart.

US Smartphone Market ShareNow let’s know about the smartphone OS distribution where iOS has also shown 1% improvement in comparison to the previous quarter, and Android OS lost 0.7% share in the 2015 march ending quarter. Well, Android still rules the market but it is divided by so many mobile companies which, and iOS is own by Apple and no one can make use of it that makes Apple to earn more profit than any other company. Here is the report of Smartphone OS distribution share in the US.
Smartphone US market share : Smartphone OS ShareIt about about OS distribution and US Smartphone market share, and now we will know about the app which tops the smartphone market. So what is the most essential app that you can’t live without? Most of the people will certainly say, it is Facebook. Yes, Facebook reaches almost 69.5% people in the US even they counted only 18+ aged people, and I bet this figure will be tremendous high if they include the users who are less than 18 years old. Well, YouTube holds the second position, but far behind than Facebook. Here is complete report

US smartphone market share : app share in US



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