URL Shortener websites are useless for Tweets, what affects the character count

Twitter doesn’t allow to write more than 140 characters each tweet. So If you want to write a long tweet, you have no other way except dividing it into multiple tweets. However, it is said that you can shorten a long URL, and write more characters. Is it really true? Here is an example.

Actual URL with 85 Characters : https://www.techgrapple.com/drop-test-samsung-galaxy-s6-vs-s5-vs-s4-vs-s3-vs-s2-vs-s1/

URL Shortener shortened it to 20 characters : https://goo.gl/FuOi0h

Am I Saving 65 characters while tweeting?

The answer is No, and No! Whether URL contains 10 characters or 1000, Twitter counts it as 23 characters.

Twitter URL Shortnerl failure

Why the URLs shortened by other websites are not effective

Twitter has its own t.co URL shortener, and it makes a 23-character URL, whether your posted URL longer or shorter. e.g. https://t.co/covqFyH1zj.

How about third party websites that promise to let you write more than 140 characters?

There are many websites that allow to write long tweets, but those are kind of useless as well, because they divide your one tweet in many parts. So when you view the tweet you posted via a third party website, you will see many tweets posted by you. This is something you can do it manually, and in a better way. If you are writing a long tweet, just add the “Part1:” before the tweet, write another add “Part2:” and so on… This will help your readers to understand that all are related. However, write all the parts at the same time, and don’t post another tweet between those divided tweets. So it will appear together under your account, and users will also be able to understand seeing the Part word in it.

Tweeter Trick for bloggers

You can make your tweet more effective, and let your reader read more than 140 characters. When you share a URL, Twitter get a part of your blog description or meta description automatically. So you can write something useful in the text field that you really want your reader to read. Have a look at the screenshot, the article description in itself contains over 170 characters.

Twitter long Post

Some quick rules

  • If No Image, Video or URL : You can use 140 characters Max
  • URL Consumes : 23 characters
  • Image or Video Consumes : 24 characters
  • Video : You are not allowed one video each tweet, and video duration cannot be more than 2 mins and 20 seconds. If this is the case, Twitter will force you to trim it
  • Image : Whether you upload one image or more, Twitter will consume 24 characters. So you can upload many images at the same time
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