Twitter Search Tips : How to customize Twitter Search

We already know about the Hash Tag features of Social Media that help to find some certain posts. However, there is much more your do on Twitter along with using hashtag search. You can customize Twitter Search to show some certain tweets.

How to customize your Twitter Search

1. Searching with Hash Tag (#SearchTerm)

HashTag Search allows finding tweets made for specific stuff or news. You can type #FollowedBySearchTerm (e.g. #iPhone7), and press Enter or Click Search icon to view all the tweets related to iPhone 7. This search term will show only those tweets that include iPhone 7.

Has Tag Twitter Search  

2. Searching Tweets sent to Specific Users, and Filter links

Find all tweets sent to a specific user; to:UserName (e.g. to:AppleSupport)

If you don’t want the tweets to have any links or URLs, you can type this way to filter; to:UserName -filter:links (e.g. to:AppleSupport -filter:links)

Tweets from users filter links

Note : -Filter:links can be used with other search terms as well. Minus Prefix (-) means the removal, if you want the tweets to have links, don’t prefix minus (-) with Filter.

3. Tip to find tweets from specific users

Search Term : from:UserName (e.g. from:AppleSupport)

This will find you tweets from Apple Support only.

Tweets from Apple Support

4. How to find old tweets or tweets from a certain date to specific date from a specific user or for a specific search term

Search Term : from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. from:katyperry since:2011-01-28 until:2013-02-20)

In the same way you can replace “from:username” with any search term. e.g. Google Tips since:2007-03-18 until:2016-04-15

Finding Old tweets

5. Find a user’s first tweet

Use this URL to find the first tweet made by a certain user; This URL will show the first Tweet from Katy Perry, you can just replace the username after to check anyone’s First Tweet, or type the user name given in the search field when you visit that URL

Search First Tweet of a user

6. Search Tweets that contains image (Hash Tag and Filter)

#JustinBieber filter:images

It will find you only those tweets that contain an image. Replace JustinBieber with any other username.

7. Tweets made within a certain location

Jobs near:Dubai within 4mi

It will find you Job related tweets made within 4 miles of Dubai. You can replace Job and location to customize search

8. Emotion Based Tweet Search

Apple 🙁 or Apple 🙂

Search tweets with emotions. Use emoticons to define the emotion type.

9. Get Tweets that includes either image or video

tsunami filter:media

This search term will show you result related to Tsunami only if the tweet contains video or image. Replace Tsunami with anything you are looking for

10. Tweets from _ _ _ to _ _ _

from:UserName to:UserName

It will find you Tweets sent from a certain user to a Specific user

11. Embed Twitter Search result to any blog

After making any search, you can simply click on More Option, and select Embed This Search. In the next page, you need to click on Create Widget option, and then copy embed code, and embed just like you embed YouTube Videos.
Embed Twitter Search

12. Twitter Advanced Search

In the Screenshot above you can see the Advanced Search Option as well that you get after clicking on More Option. Hit Advanced Search, and you get many options to filter search result. Filter According to your desire

Twitter Advanced Search

13. Twitter Safe Search

Movies filter:safe

You can use any search term followed by filter:safe, and this will filter contents not suitable for all ages.

14. Turn off Safe Search

Movie -filter:safe

This type of search term will include all kind of tweets without filtering them

15. Find questioning tweets

iPhone unlock ?

Just add question mark (?) at the end of search term before making search

16. Find tweets that must contain certain word or name

“Tim Cook”

Add quotation mark at the start and end of the search term

17. Search tweets that must include a certain user


Just prefix @ before the user name, and then search. It will show tweets only if the mentioned user is included

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