Ubuntu Linux Phone Will Cost Between $200 to $400

ubuntu mobile

The expected price for Ubuntu Linux Phone has been declared now at the CeBIT conference, which was held in Hanover, Germany this week on Tuesday when Mark Shuttleworth ‘Canonical Founder’ said that the Ubuntu phone will be launched from mid to high range which will cost between $200 to $400. When we heard the news earlier about the Ubuntu phone, it was not going to cost that much. However, this is what Ubuntu Linux phone will come with. At the conference, he said that they are going to make high end phone to give the best experience to the users with good features.

ubuntuShuttleworth said that they have aimed to target non-iPhone users because it’s not about the phone features, but the iPhone users have some emotional connection with Apple. He said that they got enough time to compare other phones, and Android has done its Job. Now, there is time for something new to experience in the mobile world. They have chosen two partners ‘Chinese company Meizu and Spanish BQ.’ He said that Android was not introduced to use it as a computer, but the Ubuntu phone will serve different purposes. Users will be able to use it like a mobile, tablet, PC or a TV and it depends on the user what accessories they connect to them.

Earlier Ubuntu introduced that how you can turn your Android Phone into an Ubuntu mobile, and now it’s time to get an Ubuntu Linux phone. This phone will allow the developers to make some system and app changes what are not allowed with other phones. Well, if you are a Linux fan, just hang tight till the time it comes in the market and only the hands on experience can tell what they are really up to. It’s not really easy to dominate the Google Android market, but if it really works fine in terms of speed of the system and they make good apps available in their app store, users can love it.

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