Twitter System Malfunction caused password error issue

Twitter has suffered a system failure, causing an email announcing that restore passwords of their users were commanded. Affected users received an email from the social network warning that your password was reset, but the notice was sent in error as cleared later.

A Twitter Spokesperson has informed The Next Web that the failure was due to a system error. “We sent some messages unintentionally password reset tonight due to a system error. We apologize to affected users for the inconvenience.”

This system error can be caused by an attempt to destroy a third party site or twitter service, according to The Next Web.The good part of this matter is that no password was reset, users received mail in error.

Well, these are the technical things and there is no guarantee when the system starts malfunctioning. This can happen with any of the system and it doesn’t matter how big or secure your system is! This is why there are so many back up kind of stuffs have been invented, and people started using backup features. Thanks to the technology.

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