Twitter removed 140 character limit from direct message

Twitter removed 140 character limit from direct message

Twitter made an announcement today that 140 character limit for direct message will not exist anymore. So you can type your heart out whatever you want.

Direct message allows a twitter user to send private message regardless they are following you or not. So 140 character limit for private conversation may not be enough sometimes, and Twitter understood the fact. So here they are!

However, it is applicable to direct message only. Tweets will still have the limit of 140 character as it already has. Receiving and Sending Direct message via SMS will also be limited.

Twitter has started rolling out the changes to iOS and Android apps as well as, Twitter for Mac and TweetDeck. It will be rolled out worldwide over the next few weeks. Update the Twitter app when it is available to enjoy the limitless direct message.


Twitter has made many changes in 2015. On 27 January, Twitter announced to add Group Direct Message feature that enabled users to have group conversation privately with up to 20 people. It also allowed to capture videos from Twitter app, edit and share them.

On 20 April, Twitter made another great change that broke the barrier to send private message. It allowed us to send and receive direct message to anyone regardless they follow us or not, but you need to enable it from settings. Android and iOS apps got new direct message button on the users’ profile after that update.

However direct message was limited to 140 character, and Twitter removed that limit now.



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