Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors and Their Market Share

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Samsung has been the top first Smartphone vendor globally because of their variety of smartphones. They make devices for everyone, whether you are looking for a low-end or high-end models, you can definitely buy a Samsung Smartphone. Another reason for the popularity is theirPresence. Samsung smartphones are available in all the countries. There are countries where many brands, like Xiaomi, Apple, Oppo, Vivo etc. don’t sell smartphones officially, but this is not the case with Samsung.

Now the report for Top Global Smartphone Vendors has been released for Q3 2016. These are the top 5 Smartphone manufacturers and their market Share.

  1. Samsung : 20%
  2. Apple : 12.5%
  3. Huawei : 9.3%
  4. Oppo : 7%
  5. Vivo : 5.8%

Once Xiaomi pushed Huawei behind holding its position, and we also used to see Lenovo/Motorola in the list, but Xiaomi and Lenovo both are out of top 5 List. Oppo and Vivo have managed to get 4th and 5th position respectively. Samsung’s sale has decreased by 13.5%, and Apple’s sale also decreased by 5.3, compared to Q3 2015. Oppo and Vivo have a Whooping increase in their sale by 121.6% and 102.5% respectively. Huawei also got 23% boost in their smartphones sale.

Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors, Market Share, and Shipment Volumes

Image : IDC

Apple has been holding the second position for many years. Apple releases a limited number of smartphones every year; 2 or 3. Apple manufacturers only high-end models that are out of budget for many users, and this is the only reason it can’t beat Samsung in terms of sold volumes. However, Apple makes much more money compared to Samsung from its devices