Top 20 Best iOS and Android Games in 2018

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Among multifaceted usage of smartphone, gaming is one of the most popular ones. Smartphone games are popular among young and aged people alike. Be it Android or iOS, all platforms provide myriads of games for their users. With such a long list, it becomes difficult for the users to choose the best games. Here we have amalgamated top 20 best iOS and Android games to play in 2018. Continue reading to know which games have made into the list of the top games of 2018.

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Top 20 Android and iOS Games of 2018

To prepare this list, we have taken help from the list of best Android games of Q1 2018 announced by Google Play Store. All Android users must have heard of Play Store. Android compatible games are available on Play Store. iOS is another popular smartphone platform that provides unique experience to the users in terms of gaming. Apple App Store provides free and paid games just like Google Play Store. Here is our pick for top 20 best iOS and Android games to play in 2018.

1. Agent A

Agent A

“Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise” is a paid Android and iOS game is the first entry of Google Play Excellence Games of 2018 Q1. This game was released in 2016 on Google Play store and in 2015 on App Store. This is a first-person game where the gamer plays the role of a secret agent. The agent is on a mission to catch a spy. During the mission, player has to go through different point and play mini games.

Download Now:  For iOS ($4.99)  |   For Android ($0.99)

2. Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes

This is a free role-playing game that will take you back to old days. This is a dungeon crawling adventure game that gives a perfect retro feeling. It has more than 70 levels that get generated randomly. In order to play, gamers will need the constant internet connection to their device.

Get now for free:  For iOS   |   For Android

3. Bloons Supermonkey 2


Our third entry in the list is an action based game that requires payment for playing. It also offers options for in-app purchase. Here, the gamer has to become the Super Monkey who is the only one that can protect monkey town from balloon attacks. To stop these bloons, the gamer will be provided with 90+ weapons including Yeti, Doom Gauntlets, Sidewinder Ace, etc. It contains more than 90 levels in total. The developers have categorized this game as “arcade.”

Download Now:  For iOS ($0.99)   |   For Android ($0.99)

4. Dancing Line

Dancing Lane

This is a fantastic game that can be termed as musical as well. All games contain music but here music works as the guideline for the player. In this game, users have to guide a “dancing line” through obstacles and that too according to the music. Only by carefully listening to the music, you can do better in this game. This game will put your reflexes and rhythm into the test as the difficulty of the levels will increase in course of time. This game comes as free for Android and iOS users.

Download Links:  iOS Users   |   Android Users

5. Dead Warfare: Zombie

dead warfare

Another action game of the list is DEAD WARFARE: ZOMBIE. You do not have to purchase it to play but in-app purchases are available. This game will take you to 2072 where humans are driven underground by zombies. A group of survivors needs to go to Dead Valley of Middle East to save mankind from its ultimate demise. Gamers will be provided with supplies and weapons of various kinds. The characters and environment of this game are 3 dimensional.

Get it for free: iOS Devices   |   Android Devices

6. Dragon Project

Dragon Project

Dragon Project is a simple game where gamers need to hunt monsters and dragons. The popularity of this co-op multiplayer game made it win People’s Choice Award. In this game, the gamer needs to gather their friends to save the kingdom from the occupying forces of dragons and monsters. This game is available free of cost on Apple Store and Play Store. This game will provide gamers with new games every two weeks. It can be played in eight different languages.

Get it now for free:  For iOS   |   For Android

7. Fire Emblem Heroes


This is a role-playing game that can be played on both Android and iOS devices. This 2017 release is the mobile version of Fire Emblem series and contains the same characters. Until January 2018, this game has had more than 400 levels and addition of new chapters is done frequently. In this game, you have to fight a strategic battle. This game cannot be played in offline mode and users have to be more than 13 years old to play it with Nintendo Account.

Download for free:  iOS   |   Android

8. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow


This is a free-to-download game that will make you burst into laughter while playing. The best thing about the game is that it is thrilling and hilarious at the same time. In this epic Futurama story, you get to travel space and fight the aliens to build a new New York. Gamers will have total control over the stories as they can choose according to their choice. Funny outfits and dialogues will ensure that you have enough laughter during the gameplay.

Get this game for free:  iOS Users    |    Android Users

9. Idle heroes

Idle Heores

Idle heroes is a free game that can be played by both iOS and Android users. However, this game contains in-app purchase and users will get to view ads while playing. This game is all about taking control of a floating continent. The best thing about this game is that it even functions in idle mode, i.e., when the gamer is not around. For example, you can set a training for your heroes and go to your school. After you come back from school, you will find that they had gained strength and are ready for the fight now.

10. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last day oe

Another free to download game that offers in-app purchase. This is basically a survival and strategy game where you need to shoot zombies. Set in post-apocalyptic era, you are a survivor. To continue surviving, you have to kill the zombies and other unkilled enemies. You can join other survivors during the game and be part of a clan. In this way, it becomes easier for you to survive. Collect resources and weapons from uninhabited army bases. It also provides chatting option to talk to other players of the game.

Install the app free:   iOS   |   Android

11. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile

This strategy-based game is a great opportunity for you to test your skills. In this multiplayer online game, you are the emperor who has to recruit heroes and upgrade them. With the help of them, you have to fight the enemies and monsters that threaten your empire. You can make allies and fight the battle together. Use your strategic skill to set the lineup for the battle. Moreover, you can have pacts with the monsters to have them on your side.

It can be downloaded for free:   iOS   |   Android

12. Lumino City

Lunio city

Lumino City is a sequel to Lume. This puzzle adventure game was released in 2014. The most interesting thing about this game is that the entire game is handcrafted by using paper, lights, cards, and motors. This game accepted an award for artistic achievement and received nominations in other categories. This game is available on payment for iOS and Android. However, there is no in-game purchase needed for this game. The entire game takes around 8 to 10 hours to get completed.

Download Now:  iOS ($4.99)   |   Android ($0.99)

13. Modern Combat Versus


This is a first-person shooting game where you can become any of the 13+ agents. From being gun attackers to skilled assassins, all of the agents are equipped with one quality or another. Its visual effect is a big impact factor behind the immense popularity of this game. As this is a team based game, you can make a clan or join some other clan.

Get this free game app now:   iOS Users   |   Android Users

14. Old Man’s Journey

Old Man Journey

This game is a pleasant break from all these action games we have been talking about. If you are an emotional being you will surely want to play this heart touching game. Throughout this game, you will view the world from an old man’s viewpoint. You will play puzzles to make way to the old man to smoothen his journey. This is a pressure-free game with beautifully handcrafted visuals.

Get the App Now:   iOS ($4.99)   |   Android ($4.99)

15. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

No Man Land

This strategic game is free to download but contains ads and in-app purchase. Life depends solely on the decisions you make in this role-playing action game. Here, you have to collect your heroes and then unlock some special traits within them. This game follows the motto “Survival of the Fittest,” so you have to careful in choosing your team and the weapons.

Free to Download:   iOS   |   Android

16. War Wings

war wings

Who does not want to relive the moments of WWII. I guess every action game lovers would be happy to experience the thrilling joy of being a pilot of a fighter plane of WWII. You can do some breathtaking stunts to show the enemies what you are made of. This is a free game that has received several awards.

Download Now for free:   iOS   |   Android

17. Battle of Polytopia


This is a famous strategic adventure game that has to be played by turn. It got released in 2016 originally under the name of Super Tribes. This game can be played in both single or multiplayer mode. This game includes fighting antagonistic tribes, claiming new cities and learning new technologies.  Gamers will also get to rule the world by building their own empire in course of playing. This game is free but in-app purchases are available. Both Android and iOS users can play this game.

Get this free game app now:   iOS   |   Android

18. Alto’s Odyssey


This is basically a sequel to Alto’s Adventure that got released in 2016. This game falls into the category of endless runner snowboarding games. Like its predecessor, Alto’s Odyssey also being universally praised by the critics for its style. However, some of the reviewers criticized this game for having unoriginal gameplay.  Gamers get an impressive experience of snowboarding while playing this game. You have to buy this iOS game before playing. It is not available for Android.

Get it for iOS Now ($4.99) (Not available for Android)

19. Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme

This racing game was released in 2016 and became extremely popular just like its name. This is the second game of Asphalt game series. Choose your vehicle from an attractive range of machines. Play the real-time multiplayer game with customized ride and immense speed.

Download this free game:  iOS   |   Android

20. Psych


We all have played games of guessing the correct answer, but what about guessing the wrong answer? Our last game of the list is as interesting as the question as the previous line. In this multiplayer game, you have to guess the fake answer of a real trivia, or even who is giving fake answer. This is a complete family game that anyone can play and actually have fun. This game is available for free on both the platforms.

Get the app now:   iOS   |   Android


Here, we have discussed top 20 best iOS and Android Games to Play in 2018. Hardcore gamers are keen to explore new games all the time. Unfortunately, not everyone has got the time to try all the new arrivals. Therefore, this post is an endeavor to compile the best games of 2018. Interested gamers can play the games discussed here. We expect that users will not get disheartened after trying these games.