10 Best Survival Battle Games for PUBG Lovers

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Player Unknown’s Battleground, aka PUBG, gained immense popularity with its advent in 2017. Within no time, the app boasted a whopping 5 million downloads. However, time and again, people have uninstalled PUBG due to its high-data consumption issues and elaborate updates, looking for other alternatives. Since then, the Android and iOS gaming segment have stood witness to several Player vs. Player survival games.

If you are on the lookout for some good Battle Royale games, here we are with the ultimate list of the best survival gaming apps that you can play between your assignments to help unwind.


Being a sucker for survival games myself, I have tried out a deluge of battle royale games and come up with a list of the best gaming apps that you may want to install if you love PUBG.

1. Rules of Survival

rules of survival

The closest to PUBG and one of the prominent leaders, Rules of Survival is better than PUBG on many fronts. You get to battle against a maximum of 120 players on a humongous terrain map. When I say humongous, I mean you get your vehicle to travel across the map. So, basically yes – it is a blend of Need for Speed along with Delta Force. From motorboats to motorcycles, trucks to jeeps – you name it, and you get it. The weapon loots are way easier due to the ‘Miracle’ boxes that glow all around the map.

You can go solo or pair up with other players as a duo or a squad. You also get to customize your character before you enter the battlefield.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

2. Black Survival

black survival

Black survival is a favorite among old-fashioned interactive gaming aficionados due to its real-time strategic role play module where you take decisions to make progress. There are over 600 weapons and accessories to choose from. But the best (also, toughest) part about the game is the absence of a medical kit, which differentiates it from other royal battle games. You either have to cook potions to heal yourself or depend on the Ocean Potion (which is an occasional discovery).

The 10-minutes long tutorial is easy to follow. The game comes with a single tap fight option, and you can play in a 20 player game, at max.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

3. Free Fire (aka Garena Free Fire)


Free Fire comes in a quick-game format where a player can play against 49 players in a 10-minute game. The open-world aesthetics of the game are somewhat familiar to PUBG. You are dropped from the sky via a parachute and can swerve in a direction to land. There are vehicles for easy movement across the map, and weapons are pretty easy to find too. The best thing about the game is the “Death Race” mode. In this mode, you can have a 2-player squad on a vehicle. You get your collection of powerful boosters to survive against your opponents.

The maximum strength for each squad is 4 players. The game is pretty easy to follow and you will get the hang of it after the first few sessions.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

4. Battle OPS Royal Strike Survival Online FPS

battle ops royale

If you are a Counter1.6 fan, then Battle Royal Strike is the real deal for you. It may look like PUBG, but it is all that jazz and more. So along with the quintessential Counter-Strike guns, you get rocket launchers too. The game’s menu is simple to follow. Hit the ‘Right Arrow’ button to go to the lobby lists. You can either join a vacant slot in a lobby or start your own. Once a part of a lobby, you will get the option of joining a team: Blue or Red.

The length of a session can be as long as 20 minutes. You score a point when you kill a member of the opponent team. However, the absence of leadership boards makes the game a snooze fest when you realize that you have no recognitions to boast to your peers and friends.

Download it here: For Android (Not Available for iOS)

5. Vast Survival

vast survival

All about the last man standing, Vast Survival is an open-world game with a cross-platform module. You can play the game with your friends and other online players. You will be pitted against a maximum of 26 players. The terrain is quite scenic, interspersed with mountains and vegetative patches. So you get a lot of scope for camouflaged movement through bushes and forests, which is quite fun.

Although a little inappropriate, to be honest, you get to loot from a dead player’s body when you launch the game join a server. However, the app can be a little heavy on your phone processors and may drain out your phone quickly.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

6. Survivor Royale

survivor royale

From the makers of Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale has little areas where you can differentiate it from the parent game. However, the game has different challenges. The controls on the screen are quite intuitive, and you won’t face much difficulty while using them. The game has a ‘Safe Circle’ that you have to reach before the play area gets smaller. If you fail to do so, then you will have to bear the brunt on your health (which can also lead to death). You can play in modes like the ‘Firework Night’ mode where you get to wield firework weapons to battle against your enemies. If lucky, you get the occasional shield mode where you score immunity from certain weapons for a limited period

It’s almost a replication of PUBG, this Battle Royale game has the same gameplay framework with a maximum of 100 people entering the game at once and last man standing winning it. The sessions are not more than 20 minutes. With time, the map area contracts, thus forcing the last of survivors to fight the ultimate battle to death or survival. The last one standing is the winner. You can create squads of a maximum of 5 members and choose weapons from a treasure trove interspersed within the area of operation.

In spite of the being an almost rip off, what I liked best about the gaming app is that it consumes low data with its high-end graphics, unlike PUBG.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

7. Knives Out – No rules, just fight!

knives out

Developed by NetEase Games, Knives Out is a Battle Royale game that is quite similar to PUBG mobile due to its game motto. A maximum of 100 players can enter the game arena at one go, and the last player standing wins the game. The UI/UX graphics used in the game is just amazing. Moreover, the game comes with an interface that allows seamless experience.

Although the game still needs improvements, the app has low data requirements and is easy on the processor too.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

8. Last Day on Earth: Survival

last day on earth

One of the best survival games for smartphones (although different from PUBG), Last Day on Earth is a dream come true if you have a thing for zombie apocalypses. The game comes with an extensive and deep-laid map where you will have to kill zombies to survive in the game. You have the prerogative to upgrade your character – nickname, costume, accessories, etc. You also get to choose the types of equipment you want in your house. There are several abandoned territories that you can loot. You can also loot other survivors for weapons and other supplies. For minimal survival, you can kill wild animals too.

The game uses up less space on your phone and due to its lightweight features, does not consume much data. It is easy to play too, but comes with the downside of low-quality graphics, which makes it a tad tedious.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

9. Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the best alternatives to PUBG that has stood the test of time since it’s advent in 2017. Quite similar to PUBG in gameplay, a session starts with 100 players where you have to compete with the others to survive in the battle. The best thing about the game is its extensive customization abilities that allow you to play around with your alter ego in the game.

Unlike PUBG, the game comes with comical but high-end graphics with its characters, environments, and weapons resembling the montage of Delta Force largely. The app gorges generously on cellular data, quite like PUBG.

Although the game was initially launched for iOS, you can now find the BETA version made for Android.

Download it here: For Android and iOS

10. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

hopeless land

Hopeless Land Fight for Survival is one of the top survival game that you can enjoy playing on your Smartphones and tablets. The game comes with in-game voice communication and map marking feature that makes teamwork easy. It supports up to 121 players in a battlefield that makes it quite competitive for the player to survive. You can’t really win it without a good strategy that will come with experience. Fly the helicopter and enjoy the modern fight from the sky to land.

Download this game here: Android and iOS

If you are done with PUBG and want to add up new conquests to your name in unchartered grounds, then these are some of the best survival games to try out. Install the games now and get your gaming mode on.