Things to Do Before Reselling or Giving Away Your Gadget

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Some of us upgrade our gadgets every year when the new model is released, but some wait for a few years. In both cases, we usually want to resell our old gadgets or give them away for a good cause. Whatever you do, you will not want to lose your important data or give them away too along with the device. So we are here to discuss some important tips to help you prepare your gadget before you sell them.

Important Steps to Follow Before Getting Rid of Your Old Device?

Take a Full Data Backup

It is always wise to keep the Cloud Storage app, e.g. Google Photos, One Drive, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive on your Device whether you are using a new or old device. If you haven’t done this so far, you can do it now to take a backup of your important photos, videos, and file. If this is not something you want, connect your device to a computer, and then take the backup of your important files. Now you have the backup files, what next?

Check Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Reminder and Other Apps

If the gadget you are switching is a Mobile Phone, Tablet, or Computer, You must have a look at the apps that don’t let your copy and paste files simply. Those files cannot be copied just by a simple copy and paste. If you are using iOS or Mac, make sure you have Syncing enabled for such apps and the same applies for Android and Windows as well. Or use a Third-Party App to transfer or export them.

Set up new Device Before Wiping Old One (If Possible)

In most cases, people buy the new gadget first and then sell the old one. If this is what you are doing, it’s always recommended to set up your new device and transfer all data before you reset the old device. This process will make sure your data is safe and you are not going to lose it.

Wiping Data Securely

Most of the devices usually keep the deleted files saved somewhere that you cannot see. Those spaces are overwritten over time, this is when a Data Recovery Tool is used to removed those lost data. If you have some sensitive data on your computer that you don’t want someone to recover even after deleting, you can use a Permanent Data Removal Software, e.g. AweEraser Data Erasure Software. It will securely wipe the data permanently that cannot be recovered even using a Data Recovery Software.

Restoring Device to Its Factory Setting

Have you got a new GoPro Action Camera? Let’s not forget to reset your GoPro to factory settings before selling it. Yes, it’s very important to do, not for GoPro only, but for all devices. Most of the devices usually come with 2 types of resetting options, one of them is for resetting the Settings only and another one resets the device to its factory settings. If you are reselling or giving away your device, you must choose to reset the device to its factory settings. It will not only erase the data but also reset the settings.