Things that Apple didn’t mention about iPad Pro

iPad Pro is the new advanced iPad from Apple that features the largest display iPad ever had. Apple told many great thing about iPad Pro in the event, like faster Apple A9X processor, usage of Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and some photo editing stuffs. However, there are many thing Apple didn’t tell about iPad Pro, some good and some bad that we would talk about.

Apple Pencil Charging Option and lightening port charging output

This is first time apple has brought stylus that you can use with iPad Pro. However, Apple Pencil requires charging, and after full charge it can run for almost 12 hours. You can charge Apple Pencil via iPad Pro’s lightening port, and it charges very quickly. It takes only 6 minutes to charge Apple Pencil completely, and only 15 seconds of charge can give Apple Pencil 30 minutes of battery life. So this $99 Apple pencil is good enough in terms of battery life and charging option.

So the lightening port can charge Apple pencil now, and may be some other accessories, but it has not been tested. This is the first time lightening port can handle input and well as output.

No 3D touch for iPad Pro

Apple recently introduced 3D touch that is an advanced version of force touch. New iPhones, iPhone 6s and 6s plus feature a 3D touch display. However, iPad Pro lacks this feature. Apple may launch new iPads with 3D touch display next year, but we can assume only. Let’s hope the best.

Stain and Spill Resistant Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple smart keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard doesn’t have any gaps that makes it spill and stain resistant. So spilling bear or soda on Keyboard will not harm your smart keyboard. You can simply wipe it with damp cloth, and it will be clean again. So this $169 keyboard sets your free from worries of eating or drinking while using smart keyboard.

More RAM

Apple has not said anything about iPad Pro RAM, but the RAM detail was leaked via Abode. The new iPad Pro features a whooping 4GB RAM. This is the first time any iPad has that much RAM. iPad Air with 2GB RAM runs smoothly and without any lag, so the iPad Pro with 4GB RAM and Apple A9X processor would certainly be amazing in terms of performance.

Apple Pencil compatibility

Apple Pencil is a great accessories for those who love to use stylus, but it doesn’t have a capacitive tip. Apple didn’t say anything about this, but Apple Pencil can not be used with iPhones or any other iPads. it is compatible with iPad Pro only.

iPad Pro

Smart Keyboard doesn’t need bluetooth connection

Like other tradition wireless keyboard, Apple’s Smart Keyboard doesn’t need bluetooth connection to get connected to iPad Pro. The new magnetic connector in iPad Pro is called Smart Connector that can connect to the Smart Keyboard and supply power.

iPad Pro Camera is still the Same

Apple upgraded the iPhone camera to 5 MP front and 12 MP rear, but didn’t bother to do anything with iPad camera. iPad Pro still features 8-megapixel rear camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture and 1.2-megapixel front camera just like iPad Air 2. iPhone 6s features 4K recording, but iPad Pro is still stuck at 1080 pixels. Taking pictures with an iPad may look awkward, but many users do and sometimes it’s very useful when you don’t have other option.

If you want to buy one for you, you can preorder iPad Pro now in the US. Shipment is expected to start from 25 November.


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