The top ‘Android Games of the week’


Hey guys! You definitely deserve a break after Easter where surely all you have to enjoy with friends or family; for this, it’s necessary to update your library of games to face the coming days of summer or spring full of things to do. In the list of games that we offering today including names like Space Chicks, Dragon Hills, and the Okay?, these all are of great quality, also are indispensable to play, at least for a time in your androids.

Doodle Adventures – Under one aspect of drawing preschool and a theme that can remind us of the Lemmings in Doodle Adventures we must build a stage for our clumsy character to reach the finish line in a program that also allows us to create our own levels.

Space Chicks – From the world to the world, and from galaxy to galaxy, our fussy Don Juan must overcome zero gravity adventures while rescues girls scattered through the levels. “Space Chicks” combines direct action as well as mind-bending scenes to play many steps that control a curious ship.

Okay? – Again we bring a direct puzzle game; where we will be playing to the rhythm of a series of notes, try to touch the structures listed under a single shot. And it “Okay?” is something innovative that we will spend magical moments while we work our mental ability.

Boom Dots – With great skill and dexterity in Boom Dots fashion turn the points where we are required to hit on them while they appear, having to control the pace and, incidentally, make test our reflexes.

Dragon Hills – Under a medieval adventure story with a certain scent, need to enter a Dragon Hills which raise a princess riding on a dragon while giving chase to those soldiers who have stolen their wealth and part of the heart. This game offers the innovative game to play and graphics into a different title and great quality.

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