The smallest computer in the world: Most stunning creations of experts


It’s just one cubic millimeter. That’s the size of Michigan Micro Mote (M ^ 3), the smallest standalone PC developed in world for a decade by experts Departante of Computer Science at the University of Michigan.

The goal of scientists is to reduce the size of computers to meet the needs of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT, its acronym in English). The IoT describes a world where different electronics add everyday including objects like toasters, refrigerators, washing machines traffic lights etc…  All these objects containing circuits are integrated and may communicate with each other forming a network.

Despite its size, the M ^ 3 can take pictures; can observe temperatures and record pressure measurements. This computer is a researchers hope, may be implemented in a variety of systems. Its small size makes it perfect for use inside the human body, there it can not only record temperatures and pressure, but may also perform electrocardiograms. The oil industry has also expressed interest in the M ^ 3 for use in the maintenance of pipes and pipelines.

“What people generally ignores – explains David Blaauw, one of the teachers involved in the development of M ^ 3 – is that much of the volume of a computer, such as a Smartphone, which consumes the battery. For Reducing the amount of energy a key to downsize was required. “As it doesn’t have keyboard or mouse or screen, therefore scientists of the University of Michigan had to find a way to communicate with this computer. The solution to load and communicate with it was light. High frequency pulses of light that the computer processes are used and then sent to a central computer via radio frequency.

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