The Rumor and the Logic Behind Apple’s iWatch

We have already heard the news and the rumors of Apple’s step towards the health Application which is going to be a major update along with iOS 8. This application has been named “HealthBook.” 9to5Mac has explained the feature of this app as HealthBook has many options, and I would like to share the picture published by 9to5Mac that can clear what is expected to be included with HealthBook app.


The above picture clears that HealthBook app can track your health activities, like Blood Sugar, Weight, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and many more. All the features have not been confirmed so far, so the actual features might differ or depend on the compatibility with other device after the launch.

As I said about the compatibility with the other device, because all the measurements or tracking can’t be done by iPhone alone. So, the rumor of Apple wearable gadget “iWatch” has come into the place. There is a rumor that iWatch will be launched in the third quarter of this year, and Apple is going to target around 65 million shipment by the end of 2014, and at the moment Apple is trying to fix the deal with a couple of companies to make the flexible circuit for iWatch so that it could fit the wrist. It’s coincidence that the rumor for iPhone 6 large display mobile and iWatch both are expected to be launched in  3Q of 2014.


The logic says that both the rumor can be true, and iPhone might come with phablet sized iPhone 6 and iWatch together. iWatch might work as a supportive device for HealthBook app what can send information and signals to iPhone and finally the device will show the data or health activity information. That’s just a thought based  on the rumors, and the actual scene might be different as Apple has not uttered anything about this.

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