The Play Station 4 has proved itself against Xbox One

The fight between the two consoles, which inaugurated a new generation, we guessed fierce. Sony must have set the milestone to reach its target and made their strategy according to that, because they knew they have to prove PS4 against Xbox One. And, of course, analysts would put the focus on the number of units sold and, after three months of appearing in stores, the PlayStation 4 has shown the difference regarding the sale of PS4.

Sony will start selling its console in the Japanese market this weekend so refozando leadership, announced that it has already exceeded 5.3 million units sold worldwide, almost double data than her main rival. The proposal what Sony entertainment has designed for the players is very lifetime, and this led sales in the U.S. market.

In this scenario, Microsoft reached 3 million units sold, with the difference that the Xbox One went on sale globally. That drawback, and the fact that the company has also redesigned nortamericana the Xbox 360, could be the trigger that will unbalance the scales in favor of the PS4. “I am delighted that many customers worldwide have chosen the PS4 as the best place to play,” noted a statement by ebn Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony.

Microsoft won the previous generation. To his credit, note that their model is veneidno almost twice as fast as its predecessor, segúnm NPD data, it finds that has been marketed 2.29 times more than the Xbox 360 in the same period of time. Meanwhile, expect the reaction to the arrival of ‘ Tintalfall ‘exclusive game for Microsoft’s platform and analysts suggest that will revolutionize the market.

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