The long battel between Google and Apple came to an end

apple google lawsuit

It’s been a long time when Apple and Google are facing each other in the court, but all bad things are not permanent. Finally, they both agreed to dismiss all the lawsuit that was filed against each other, and they also agreed to work together in some areas (cross licencing is not included).

The battle started when Motorola and Apple filed lawsuit against each other in 2010. Apple claimed that Motorola has violated software patent related copyright, and Motorola had to say that Apple has violated some of its 3G patent. This lawsuit had bad consequences as well, and Apple with 3G iOS was temporarily banned in Germany in 2011.

In 2012, Court dismissed the case what was filed by Apple and Motorola, and there was a simple reason that they didn’t have sufficient evidence against each other. In the same year, Google acquired Motorola mobility business, but the continuous loss made the Google to sell, and Finally Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility business in 2014.

It’s really good to know that both the parties agreed to dismiss the lawsuit, but Samsung V/S Apple lawsuit doesn’t seem to take any turn, and it will continue.

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