The leaked news about Sony Xperia G launch

Sony is making new models of Xperia, and with every model they are trying to do something new in terms of features, but their smartphones’ prices are high in comparison to Samsung with the same kind of features. Well, there is leaked news what I found on twitter by “viziLeaks” that Sony is going to launch a new model of Xperia“Sony Xperia G.” Hopefully, this will be a mid-range mobile. Sony needs to work on the price thing to improve its smartphones sales. Here is the picture of Sony Xperia G shared by “ViziLeaks” on twitter.

sony xperia GPhoto Credit: “ViziLeaks”

There is no further information about the specification of this mobile, but now it’s been long when Android Kitkat was launched. So we expect a mobile from Sony with the latest version of Android. Let’s wait till the time Sony confirms itself.

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