The apps for mobile and tablets begin to lose the interest of users

tablet and mobile apps

The consulting firm Deloitte has found this after the study which states that the average apps downloaded by users has fallen below the two apps per device each month. In addition, the percentage of poor people who have ever paid for a mobile application is also highlighted, that is less than one in ten users ever bought an app or a related service. A downward trend that finds other indications as they have had little success in the stock market companies that base their business on mobile apps. For example, the company behind the popular Candy Crush Saga which also came out in stock market with very poor result.

According to data collected by Deloitte, the average number of mobile applications download has decreased from 2.32 apps per month (over the last year) to an average of 1.82 per month in 2014. This is a remarkable decline, which partly explained by the increase in older users with a smartphone or tablet. And this segment is usually more reluctant to install new applications on their smartphones or tablets. The percentage of users who have downloaded an app in the last month is 31%.

This is a market in which it is difficult to make a profit. However, more than 90% of users have never paid money to buy an app or perform any improvements or additional features in the program. In addition, firms creating apps also face issues finding the popular idea that can make the users to purchase the app, because there are already so many apps that provides the same feature or function. Users always try to find free apps, and if they don’t find it, they also google it, and there  are so many ways to get some paid apps for free if you google it. So there is a big problem with the developer and they are losing revenue.

The loss of interest of users, the volatility of the market and the difficulties to make a profitable app are the main problems that are creating probles for the companies. Some of them attempted to seize on a particular title to go public and get higher profits, but so far there are no companies that have achieved a good position, not even in the medium term.

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