Telegram launches its own stickers for users

Normally we do not often talk about Telegram because we don’t regularly find any new option or development in this app. But now today we will talk about one of the most striking developments it had been made since it is redesigned. In this case they have already taken an idea of working which are the stickers from LINE, and have decided to implement in platform to make their own stickers.

In this case there is a specific section of stickers, as we have to start a message from the Android application with emoji, and then the stickers associated with that emoji will appear. As an initial star it have launched twelve own stickers based on great characters of history as Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Nicola Tesla or Chaplin, among others.

It is just not limited to offer Telegram stickers, but users can submit their own stickers using a bot to the web version of the service, even a creator may be charged for that keep on Telegram exclusive rights to use a sticker.

Telegram is offering alternative to WhatsApp messaging; now users can send stickers in their conversations, as they do for other apps like Line or Facebook.

Until now, Telegram has 14 stickers of famous celebrities including Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Nicola Tesla, Chaplin, Steve Jobs, among others. But those responsible for the application mentioned that soon will increase its catalog; one can even create its own stickers and can share them with our contacts.

The Telegram stickers can be used on iOS and Android since its last update which is now available.

If you still do not use Telegram, I recommend you to give it a chance.

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