Telegram brought new features WhatsApp doesn’t offer

TeleGram Voice Message 2 and Secret chat 3

Telegram is a social messaging app that is not as popular as WhatsApp. When it was launched WhatsApp was already ruling in social media messaging field, but it still managed to win many users. Telegram has almost the same user interface as WhatsApp does, but it has some unique features. It doesn’t bind you in limitation like WhatsApp when you are sending a larger files. You can send a file of any size you want. You can even send, document, apps or almost anything you want. WhatsApp doesn’t allow this, does it?

Here are some more new feature TeleGram has brought

Telegram’s Voice Messages 2.0

A brand new appearance for Voice Message

It has completely changed the interface of voice message. When you send voice message via Telegram, it appears in waveform visualizations that will remind you Sound Cloud.

Play Voice Message in the Background

Now you can Play Voice Message and do other stuffs on your device, and the voice Message keep playing. It won’t stop like it does in WhatsApp. So you can make your time more productive doing other stuffs on your phone while the voice message will Play in the background, or you can switch to another chat or reply other friends.

Raise-to-listen or Raise-to-Record

When you receive a voice message, bring the device to your ears (like you do while making call), and the message will start playing itself. In the same way, you can bring the phone to ear and start recording the message after the signal.

Secret Chats 3.0

The best way to have private and secure conversation. With their self-destruct timers and end-to-end encryption, secret chats are a great way to pass sensitive information. They have brought some unique features from cloud chat to Telegram’s Secret Chat, like detailed link previews, replies, photo and video captions, sticker sharing, inline bots and GIFs.

Along with those features, some more features have been added including Photo Editing. Please Click Here to know the all new features that the new update has brought. You will already find a new updated app in App Store or Play Store.