Tech Your Company Needs: Board Portal Software

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In this technological era where everybody is connected, companies also need powerful and secure communication tools. Companies from a range of industries are turning to board portal software for its ability to improve communications, increase greater overall productivity, and maximize efficiency before, during, and after board meetings.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways board portal software can benefit your company today.

Centralized Communications

Board portal software has a few ways that it makes communications easier and less time consuming for your directors.

Sometimes directors use different kinds of devices to communicate, and communications end up getting more complicated. Board portal software is cloud-based, and it centralizes your communications by having all your meeting minutes, schedules, and documents in one place. Board members can easily stay on track while using whatever device they prefer — desktop, laptop, or tablet.

A change made to any file is simultaneously reflected on each device. This means that every director has full access to all communications on the device that they prefer to use. It’s easy to share and annotate important board materials, even for directors who are in different geographical regions.


Every director gets a notification via email immediately if a document gets updated, so everybody is up to date with the latest version of a document before the meeting starts. This reduces the amount of time that gets wasted catching everybody up. You can stop by to see all the other features offered by industry leader providers.

Robust Security

Board portal software is highly encrypted and offers several layers of protection to prevent anyone from accessing your confidential material. The servers storing your data always adhere to independent, third-party security certification requirements. Logging in is always uncomplicated, but each login is authenticated so that you can easily verify that everybody who accessed the system had permission to do so.

In the event that a company-issued device goes missing, all its board data can be wiped remotely, preventing a security breach from occurring. On the other hand, if the director whose device has gone missing needs to access important board material, all they have to do is log in from any other device. Even if something goes wrong, directors have uninterrupted access to all board material.

Excellent Usability

Board portal software is intuitive to use on any device — you can use all its features easily on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

The finger-swiping and drag-and-drop technology used in board portals will already be familiar to directors, so they should be able to use it with ease right out of the box. If a director does have a question or needs support, the board portal software provider should deliver personalized 24/7 service through phone or email.

Today’s era of advanced communications is awesome to behold, but your directors need to get secure tools which are truly helpful. For many companies today, board portal software offers the best combination of cutting-edge technology delivered on a secure platform.