Sundar Pichai, the new Google product manager

Larry Page, CEO of Google, is transferring the leadership of hard-core technology to Sudar Pichai, senior vice present of the company. In a memo sent to staff, communicates that Pichai will be responsible for most of the product divisions of the American giant, as recorded by Re / Code.

This organizational change grants powers to Pichai for search, Maps, Google+, commerce and advertising and infrastructure products. In addition, he will continue to head the Android Division, Chrome and Google Apps.

The measure responds to concerns about the possibility that Google stop being so innovative over the years. In the statement the CEO notes that these changes will allow to focus on existing and new products. Page directly continue to manage the business and operations, including Nest, Calico, Google X and all those remote divisions of the final product offered to the public.

This is another promotion for Pichai, who has been adding key business to Google for years. However, the sources consulted by Re / Code noted that this does not mean that will be the successor. The search for the person taking the witness of the current CEO will be a very moving and thoughtful, and the progress or loss in business can be seen after a certain time. Every person takes some time to learn when he has a new business in hand. So lets see How Mr Pichai performs.

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