Only unlocked version of Sony Xperia Z2 and Z1 compact will be available in the US

xperia z2 and z1compact smartphone

Sony’s latest flagship Xperia Z2 as well as Xperia Z1 compact will not be available with contract in the US, because Sony has decided to sell these smartphones from its online store and won’t give it to any carriers to sell from their stores. So, only unlocked version of Xperia Z2 and Z1 compact will be sold in the US.

We have already discussed about the Sony Xperia Z2 specification, and here is the major specification of Sony Xperia Z1 compact.

CPU: 2.2 GHz, Quad code


Display: 4.3″ (1280X720)

Primary and Secondary camera: 20.7 MP and 2 MP

OS: Android 4.3, jelly bean

Internal Storage: 16 GB

Well, Sony Xperia Z1 compact has a great technical specifications as well, but they could make the screen little larger. Whatever, the Xperia US fans have no choice but to spend more if they wish to buy Z1 compact or Z2 smartphones. When the smartphones are available in the contract, they have the option to buy a locked device along with a contract at far cheaper price, but now Sony is making it difficult, and this might reduce the sale as well what Sony should understand. However, US users can go for Xperia Z2 tablet which will be available soon with 10.1″ display.

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