Sony Morpheus, virtual reality helmet to play with the PS4

Sony has taken advantage of holding a conference game developers to show their latest invention. This is the GDC (Game Developers Conference) that just started in San Francisco. There has come the Japanese company to display a helmet virtual reality, baptized under the name of Morpheus Project, which works with its next-generation console, the PlayStation 4. The goal is to allow developers to explore the possibilities offered by the device in the field of gaming.

Currently the complete technical specifications of the hull are unknown. It seems that incorporates various accelerometers to detect movements of the user’s head. Each eye receives an image Full HD with a resolution of 1,920 X 1,080 pixels, which is accompanied by a set of surround sound, to further increase the sense of immersion. The helmet will also be compatible with other peripherals for the PS4, such as the control of PS Move controller and camera. For example, the player could hold the controller PS Move hands, and would like a sword in the game to fight.

The focus of the company for the virtual reality is firm. President of Sony Worldwide Studios , Shuhei Yoshida, has just declared that “since the beginning of video games, the industry creadio based technological advances to create new experiences, and the virtual reality is the next innovation PlayStation. “In fact, Sony Morpheus project has been underway since 2010, and so far some fairly rudimentary aspect prototypes were known. However, the peripheral games that Sony has just unveiled is not a final product for the consumer market. In fact, the company has not yet announced or declared the price, or the date of marketing. Some analysts suggest it could reach store shelves later this year or early 2015.

Rumors about the possible introduction of a virtual reality device from Sony circulating on the Internet since Monday last week. At that time it was noted that the delay in launching the game DriveClub might be related. It is a joint development between Evolution Studios and Sony for the PS4, and is expected to DriveClub offers a view of driving in first person by a virtual reality helmet. It has no official release date, but Amazon shuffles September for America.

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