Sony launches Xperia Z2 in Europe

Sony xperia Z2 price in Europe

As we know that users have been waiting for Sony Xperia Z2 for a month, and finally it has been launched in Europe. In April, there was pre-order option on Sony mobile e-shop and Sony placed its first shipment as well, but later, Sony could not fulfill the requirement as this Japanese company was running out of stock. So the Sony fans must be happy from European countries as Xperia Z2 is available in Europe now.

If you want to own this device, you can simply go to Sony Online store and order it for you. Sony Xperia Z2 is available in three colors: White, Black and purple. If you are from UK, misfortunately you won’t see the purple color option on Sony Mobile e-store, they might make it available in future, and this smartphone costs £599 (approx €728 based on current exchange rate) in the UK.

Users from Spain, Germany and France have the option to choose any color (white, black or purple). The price differs slightly for each country. You can buy one in France for €699, €689 for the users from Spain, and you will save little more if you belong to Germany and can get one for €679.

The wait time is little more for other countries, and earlier as we said that Sony is not giving Xperia Z2 smartphone to any carrier in the USA to make it available with contract, and will be available on the Sony store. So, keep an eye if you want to buy Xperia Z2, and don’t wait for the carrier to come with some offer, because Sony has no plan about it.

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