EvolutionUI: Sony is working on the New UI for its Smartphones

The Japanese company Sony is currently working on a new interface for their smartphones. This interface is called Evolution , and so explained by the company, we have a  smart interface that adapts to each userWith this new interface, certain options and certain menus are hidden until the system detects that the user already has sufficient knowledge to access these sections.

The new Evolution interface of Sony will be primarily directed towards people who are not used to navigate the Android operating system. The unlocking of the options and of the menus works as the achievement of a video game, as the user moves performing certain actions and tasks, the interface unlock new features. In fact, at the start, the user will find only basic home screen consists of a single panel with a clock at the top of the screen, with four shortcuts and a locking tamper.

Among some of these achievements would be something as simple as opening an application five times on the phone. Using this task, you get access to the full list of applications installed on the terminal. As shown in the video demonstration of this interface, the achievement is notified by a pop -up kind of notification what we get while playing video games when we achieve something.

Customization options for this interface also allow us to enable or disable the achievements and can choose the user’s knowledge level who will handle the phone. This could be so helpful when the phone is left in the hands of a person who doesn’t know much about the phone, this way we can prevent that person accessing some features of the phone.

Currently Interface Evolution is still being developed, so we have to wait some more time to received the updates. Hopefully all the Sony Xperia users will get this update, but can’t be confirmed at this time.

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