‘Some great apps’ nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards

Five applications of Spanish companies are nominated this year at the Mobile Premier Awards, the most prestigious in the country, organized by the AppCircus platform.

One of the finalists is Social DiabetesThis is a software that is useful to people with diabetes. After pricking for screening blood, the user enters information, and this tells you how much insulin you need and what type. It is free and has over 30,000 downloads. It is translated into eight languages ​​and is available for Android and iPhone.

Another nominated app is Splyce for iPhone which mixes music automatically. It has 700,000 downloads, since it was launched in July last year. The users can choose among several songs you have stored on your phone, and apply the mixture and orders, with eight different versions. The firm negotiates with Spotify, so that fans can use the app with your account, but not just with the music they have downloaded to the phone.

The other software is chosen in this contest Andara which were distributed through the Apple Store, but it’s a product designed for iPad that a phone programs. It consists of an organizer for SMEs. The user enters the different indicators, and they have to watch to manage the company, and it produces a map application for viewing sections. It takes about 100,000 downloads and is available in seven languages.

Another application which has been selected is Samplr. It is used in iPad and allows you to create music with your fingers on a track basis, using eight different sound effects to change the melody, rhythm and sound texture. Dropbox allows import and export of another audio application “AudioShare”.

WaiterApp is also selected. It is an application that aims to address waiting at a restaurant. With the service, customers can send their choice of dishes directly to the computer system of the restaurant and pay the bill through mobile.

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