Some Cool Pou Games to Play In Your Free Time

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Pou, a cute extraterrestrial pet, is a beloved character for fans all over the world. Have you tried playing with Pou yet? We’ve come up with a list of four best Pou games you should try now. They are free, no installation and donations required and the content is absolutely safe and non-violent. You can play it here. Let’s take a closer look.

Pou Real Haircuts

Pou Hair CutEven extraterrestrial pets need grooming! Pou has long been very keen to change his look. He decided to start with getting a new hairstyle. Pou arrives at your hairdressing salon and expects to be offered a full range of haircut and hairstyling services.

That’s where you step in. Your job is to make a complete upgrade of Pou’s hair. In this game, you can even make it longer and change the color. For this purpose, you have scissors, curling irons, combs as well as hair dryers and various dyes. Show all your skills as a fashionable hair stylist and create Pou a hairstyle to remember.

Try out different looks to find the most striking one. Pou wants to look his best as he’s invited to a birthday party.

This is a funny and relaxing game which also fosters your creative thinking and imagination.

Pou Girl Great Manicure

pou nailThe lovely Pou girl decided to visit the beauty salon and reward herself with a stunning manicure. But she can’t do this on her own and needs your help every step of the way. Your task is to come up with nice manicure ideas for the cute Pou and choose both the color and the best design.

In this game, you will be able to help Pou groom her hands and get beautifully done nails. First, wash Pou’s hands and wipe them with a towel. Next, apply a nutritious cream. Grind the nails down and shape them with a nail file. You will see all the available tools on the screen. There is a countdown for each procedure so you’ve got to be quick and mind the time.

After that, you should decide on the shape of the nails by choosing your favorite option on the screen. The next task is to select the colors and apply them to the nails.

That’s it – easy, exciting and enjoyable!

Pou Ear Doctor

poudocThe planet that Pou comes from is inhabited by various bacteria one won’t find on Earth. Pou’s world does not have either a mild, pleasant climate nor a particularly healthy atmosphere. Of course, this means there are much more diseases than on our planet.

One day, Pou woke up to discover that his ears hurt so much. But now that Pou lives on Earth, he can get quality treatment in the nearest hospital. He is going to visit the ear doctor and your job is to help him get better.

First of all, you have to examine the ears carefully to understand what causes the pain. Having looked in Pou’s ears, you will probably find different parasites and infection. Put your doctor’s skills to work and heal Poe’s ears before it’s too late!

Help Pou to heal his ears, otherwise, terrible consequences will ensue and this creature will lose ears. The tools you need are at your fingertips. The purpose of each one will be explained in the course of the game.

Pou Real Cooking

pou cookThis new super cool cooking game with Pou teaches you to cook in a company of a cute alien creature. It will surely reveal a couple of culinary secrets to you!

Since his arrival on Earth, Pou took a great interest in cooking. After watching numerous master classes and cooking programs, Pou became an experienced chef. In his kitchen, Chef Pou cooks meals according to the recipes from all around the world and is no stranger to the international cuisine.

You will have a variety of ingredients that you can mix in different proportions. Follow the instructions in the recipe carefully to cook delicious meals. To make it look even tastier, choose a nice dish and decorate the meals.

Cooking with Pou is always interesting and helpful. Learn different recipes and cooking techniques in a funny and colorful gaming environment.