Some amazing updates that Windows Phone OS 8.1 will bring

The arrival of the new update of  Windows Phone 8.1 is imminent. In fact, developers now have access to the previous version that allows them to adapt their applications to this new version of the Windows Phone operating system, but what is really interesting about this update is to know the exact developments with that users update their terminal to find this version. Therefore, we are going to explain five major developments that Windows Phone 8.1 update will bring.

The first novelty worth mentioning in relation to this update is the addition of Cortana. It is a voice assistant that can be used to access applications, for example: searching the Internet. If I had to make some comparison with  this app competition, undoubtedly should mention the popular system Siri that Apple builds into its devices.

Secondly we have the customization . This new update includes many customization options that until now did not exist. For example, now the user has the possibility to choose a wallpaper for the main menu of your terminal (ie, the menu in which the tiles appear).

The third development is probably already well known to all users of this platform: the arrival of a notification center. So far, the operating system does not incorporate any notification center similar to the one we find in Android mobiles. After the update arrival, the users will have all the options available in the quick settings menu of notifications that can be opened by sliding down the top bar of the screen.

The fourth new release is aimed towards users used to share all types of files and documents from the mobile. With the upgrade, users will be able to share files across all platforms (social networks, cloud storage, etc.) through a menu for file sharing applications specific to both Microsoft and third party application.

And the fifth and final new release is basically a summary of all the above. Windows Phone 8.1 operating system ensure this will become much more competitive against Android and iOS. Gradually, Microsoft has realized that they have no choice but to incorporate all the popular features of the operating systems to compete other operating systems. It will benefits users who can enjoy additional new options without changing the operating system. Microsoft should not forget that that the more interest an operating system generates, the more manufacturers will be interested.

Recall that the update of Windows Phone 8.1 should begin to reach users in a few months. Of course, users who want to enjoy the updated features before the update launch, they should only wait until May to buy the Nokia Lumia 630 or Nokia Lumia 930, two terminals in May will bring the latest version of Windows Phone.

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