Social Network Harassment: Social networks are much ignorant

social network harassment

Increasing use of social network invites so much trouble, and you don’t even know you start being harassed by someone. That’s social network harassment which we invites ourselves. Google Plus, Facebook and other social networks have so many communities and and pages that have been made to share Girls’ mobile/contact numbers. What do you think of this kind of sharing?  What could be the purpose of such community and pages?

Well, action speaks loader than words. If you are trying to make yourself famous and sharing your contact information on the web and making it visible to other internet users, then get ready to face so many prank and annoying calls. You can see these screenshots: One from Facebook and other from Google Plus, and you will understand how social network harassment works.

social network Harassment

social network harassment

Whether it is Facebook or Google Plus they should have some kind of moderation for such groups that increase harassment and engage people is such stupid activity. It’s not just one of such group but so many of them. So be careful and you can try to save yourself from trouble by following these instructions:

1) Never share your contact information publicly

2) When you add your mobile number on social media account, make it visible to you only

3) Don’t share your mobile number with those friends you don’t really trust, because they can also misuse it

Tips: If you are so much curious to share other girls/women contact details, make sure someone else could also enjoy sharing your sister/wife/relatives contact details. Respect feelings whether it is yours or others. Try not to increase social network harassment, and help others live a happy life.

Wish you a happy life

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