Social Media Usage: Women V/S Men

With the celebration of Women’s Day on 8th March it is worth doing a little review of women about of social networks. The financial portal, finances online has published an infographic in which it is seen that women outnumber men by a majority in the use of all social networks, except for LinkedIn.

The infographic uses data on the number of American adults who use different social networks. Thus, we know that of all women who use Facebook, 76 percent are adult women, while the percentage of adult males is reduced to 66 percent. Perhaps the gap between men and women is most pronounced in the social network Pinterest, where the percentage of active adult women is 33 percent, while men stays at 8 percent.

Women are also much more active in checking their social network updates and thus, the percentage of adults who check their profiles several times a day are 30 percent are women and 26 men.

In addition, there are differences in the mode of use given to social networks based on gender. Thus, 54 percent of U.S. adult women use social networks to show support for a trademark and 36 percent of men are interacting with brands on social networks to access offers.

Regarding the search for news, as 58 percent of women looking on Facebook, compared to 42 percent of men. As to how access to social networks, 46 percent of adult American women do through their ‘smartphone‘ and 32 per cent through its tablet. For men, the percentage of access at a ‘tablet’ is reduced to 20 percent.

Finally, the infographic highlights that social networks where there is a greater difference between the number of users and users (Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr) are those that grew faster in 2013.

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