SnapChat’s Mecca Live making people interested in Islam and Changing their view

Snapchat added Mecca Live that is quite interesting. Tweeter is flooded with #Mecca_Live tweets. Some of non-muslims are so much interested and has converted or want to convert to Islam. Some of the users mentioned that Snapchat’s Mecca live melted their heart and they saw the true face of Islam.

Snapchat’s Mecca Live is a collection of videos taken by Snapchat users, and it shows the live event of Mecca. The videos contains Mecca View, Gates, People performing Umrah, Muslims thought, Iftar and many more.

Want to check what Mecca Live is?

SnapChat's Mecca Live

If you are an existing Snapchat user, then just go to the Snapchat’s menu where you see stories and see the Discover items. You will se CNN, Daily Mail, MTV and Mecca (disabled by default). Once you click on that, it will be enabled in few seconds. Now you can watch the quick videos.

Here are some Tweets from non-muslims about #Mecca_Live and Islam

Snapchat's Mecca_Live Tweet

Snapchat's Mecca_Live Tweet

Some Views from Mecca……

Mecca View SnapChat Mecca Live

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