Smartphones with more than 5″ display are the best selling mobiles

The latest report on the smartphone market, Canalys shows an interesting fact is that the terminal segment of 5 inches or more has grown by 369% representing a third of the handsets sold in 2014 so far worldwide.

The market research firm Canalys today offers new and interesting data on the results of the smartphone market in early 2014. In the first quarter of the year the market grew by 29% compared to 2013 data in the same period, with a cast of 81% for Android, 16% iOS and 3% for Windows Phone .

The brand ranking is also well known, Samsung is still leading with 31% share, Apple 16%, and among half of the top 10 companies were Chinese brands: Huawei (third), Lenovo (fourth), Xiaomi (sixth), Yulong (eighth) and ZTE (ninth). China is the world’s largest market for smartphones right now, with 35% of sales and a total of 97.5 million handsets sold, the second very distanced, USA, with 12%. Specifically, for the first time, the 4 BRIC countries appear in the top ten markets in the mobile market as India is the third, eighth and tenth position claimed by Brazil and Russia respectively. In total, these four countries account for only 44% of the world market.

The 5-inch or more, the “goose that lays the golden eggs” of all manufacturers

What we have discussed, these data through other market reports match what we already knew, but Canalys gives more and is a really interesting breakdown of handset sales in 2014 according to their screen size . Just a year ago, a terminal more than 5 inches was considered immensely big. Smartphones with more than 5 inches have been the segment’s growth with an increase of 369%, a figure substantially higher than the rest of the market and even the overall mean same. Represent 34% of total handset sales this quarter, a figure that rises to 39% in China and 43% in Asia Pacific.

It is a segment that, like the rest of the market, Samsung is leading with 44% of smartphone sales with 5″ or more than 5″ display, where 53% limited to devices over 5.5 inches. As indicated from Canalys, not only teaches Korean, many of its other rivals such as Lenovo, Huawei, LG and Sony have in this segment its highest growth in sales in the last three months.

The screens of 5 inches or more are already nearly half (47%) of the smartphones that have a price greater than $500. Moreover, in the remaining 53%,  83% are iPhones.

These data represent more than just a trend, as indicated from the analysis firm, as it is almost a “must-have” for any terminal with high-end aspirations and to maintain the profitability of sales of almost any manufacturer. Maybe that’s why Apple is stepping up and launch two iPhone 6 that haunt this screen size. Years, perhaps decades, but now the smallest growth of the dimensions of the devices seems not only unstoppable, but a desire to end users what they are looking for.

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