How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser for Xiaomi or Mi Phones?

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Xiaomi phones have become very popular because of the competitive price that is hard to beat. However, Xiaomi has been wise about making money from their phones by Serving annoying ads everywhere. Xiaomi is the only brand that monetizes even stock applications with advertisings.

Why should you change the Default Browser of your Xiaomi or Mi Android Phones to Google Chrome?

Earlier we discussed how Xiaomi uses dirty tricks to make money after selling the device at a cheaper price. So when you open the Default browser, the first thing you will see is lots of spam ads or clickbait articles that will try their best to make you click and read the shit. This browser also keeps sending your push notifications now and then to bug you even more. So I would first recommend disabling the Mi Browser’s Data usage that you can do by going to Settings –> Data usage –> System Apps –> Browser –> Turn off the Mobile Data Option and also the background refresh option.

How to Set Google Chrome as Default Android Browser for your Mi Phones (Must be using MIUI OS)

Whether you have a Redmi, Remi Note, Note or Mi Series phones, the method for all the devices running MIUI Android Operating System will be the same. Options might differ slightly, but it is done the same way.

miui phones default browser

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Tap on the Manage Apps option
  • Tap the Options icon (The icon with 3 small dots)
  • Select the Default Apps option
  • Tap the Browsers option and then Select Google Chrome.

Are you using a little Old Version of MIUI? If so, follow these steps

If you are using a little old version the option would be as follows:

miui chrome

  • Go to Settings and then select the Installed Apps option
  • Tap on Defaults option and then select Chrome by tapping on the Browser option.