Xiaomi Makes Money From Mi Users With This Dirty Trick

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Xiaomi (Also known as MI) is a popular tech brand that produces Smartphones, TVs, and many other gadgets and accessories. Xiaomi mobiles are cheaper than other brands that make them sell like hot cakes. Being an Indian, you might have a hard time ordering the latest launched smartphones, e.g. Redmi Note 7 Pro. Somehow I managed to order one after a few attempts and found some surprising things that I want to share.

Why Xiaomi Smartphones Are Cheaper Than Other Brands? What’s the catch?

Xiaomi makes big money from the preinstalled apps. Wait…. Apps? Ah, every app makers make money, won’t they? But, hang on before you get to a conclusion.

Xiaomi Display Advertisements within apps that help the company make big money. Showing advertisement within apps are fine, but doing on it with stock apps, like preinstalled Music App, Cleaner App, etc. is not really a professional behavior.

Here are Some of the screenshots

Note: This is a new Smartphones and I have not installed any third party apps that can modify stock apps or any apps.

Cleaner App (Stock Security app that has a cleaner option) showing ads


Stock Music App Shows ads between music files (not only at the start). It Also shows ad on the top right corner of Search field. It even shows ad replacing the artwork of music. So the Music app is the most annoying app that you can find on Xiaomi Phones.

Xiaomi is the only company that displays ads within Stock apps. This is the primary reason, Xiaomi devices are cheaper than other brands. Xiaomi will keep making money from each device they sold as long as you keep using them. So it’s a lifetime recurring earning for the company. This way Xiaomi can sell Smartphones even at the production price and keep earning from the users.

My Xiaomi Phones Don’t Show Ads, This is a lie!

I remember using Xiaomi’s Mi 3 and Mi 4. I liked both the models very much and bought as soon as they were introduced in India. These models didn’t serve ads within Stock Apps. So It seems Xiaomi first planned to get famous and then they started showing real face of the company. The ads seem to be implemented with the recent versions of MIUI OS Updates only. So if you are using an older version of the MIUI OS, then you may have ad-free stock apps.

Are Xiaomi Smartphones Good? Should I Buy One?

Well, as far as Hardware is concerned, I am not complaining about it. The hardware and the components they use are good enough. So you can buy one for you if you don’t mind those advertisings. However, this behavior by the company is absolutely unprofessional and they should stop doing this with the basic and stock apps. Doing the same by providing additional free useful apps will make sense, but not with the basic ones.