How to Save or Convert any HTML or Webpage to PDF on Mac and Windows

These days websites and blogs are the major source to find any information, and it also saves our time. You may not know what book you should check to find the information on a specific topic, but you don’t need to know anything about a topic when you have internet. Just type it in Google Search, and you will find it. However, most of the websites and blogs don’t have any dedicated option to save the page, so we follow these traditional method;

How to save a Webpage on Mac and Windows

  • Visit a website or webpage you want to save.
  • Mac users can press Command+S, and Windows users need to press Ctrl+S, and page saving option will pop up.
  • Now you get 2 options to save the page that are as follows;
  1. Webpage, HTM Only : It will save the page in .htm or .html format. such saved pages cannot be seen properly in offline mode. So you will need internet connection whenever you want to see its content.
  2. Webpage, Complete : When you select this option while saving a webpage, it will save an HTML file and a folder. The folder will contain all the files to allow HTML file load properly even in offline mode.

Save Web Page

Well, Saving so many files for a single page is kind of frustrating. So we will learn to save a webpage as PDF file. You can also convert a webpage or HTML file to PDF. Once saved, it can be accessed in offline mode. PDF file can be opened in Mobiles devices as well as Mac and PCs.

How to save a WebPage as PDF file (Google Chrome)

  • Go to a webpage that you want to save.
  • Press Command+P (Mac Users). If you have a Windows computer, you need to press CTRL+P.
  • Now select Whether you want to save all the pages or just current page.
  • Click on Save option, type a name for the file, select folder, and hit Save option.

Save Webpage as PDF

How to Convert HTML Webpage to PDF

If you already have an HTML file on your computer, you can convert to PDF, follow these steps;

  • Open HTML file on your Mac or Windows computer. You can right-click on file, select “Open With” option, and choose Google Chrome.
  • If the page is not loading properly, you will have to connect to internet.
  • Now you need to follow the same steps we explained above to save a webpage as PDF file.

Saving Webpage as PDF using Safari

Convert HTML Webpage to PDF on Safari

If you are using Safari, you can follow these steps;

  • Open a webpage you want to save.
  • Press Command+P to get Print window. If the print preview doesn’t show the full page, cancel print, then press Command+A to select all the content from the web page, and then press Command+P.
  • Select whether you want to save all pages, single page or a range of pages.
  • Select Save as PDF from the bottom left drop down list, and then you can name the file, select destination folder and save it.

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