Samsung will present flexible display

samsung flexible display

Samsung Display, the division of the company that is responsible for manufacturing the screens of the Korean company has confirmed to present a flexible screen in the late 2015 for smartphones. It can be folded in half, which will be a great breakthrough in the industry. The information was released by the statements of Lee Chang-hoon, team vice president of Samsung Display Business Strategic. Next year, Samsung will produce 30,000-40,000 flexible display per month, said the manager.

He also noted that there will be no company able to produce that amount of panels of this type in 2016. Then the executive confirmed that they intend to present a product with flexible screen by the end of 2015 but, for now it is an “unfinished project.” Thanks to the good reviews that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is receiving. This phone is a version of the Galaxy Note 4 but has a curved side, used to display notifications that the user has received. In addition, Lee has stated that the company intends to cut the cost of producing AMOLED displays and it should be cheaper soon. They believe that in less than three years the OLED screens will be used in half of the other devices that use LCD display at present. With this strategy, Samsung can attract more number of customers for sure.

Samsung Flexible display phone

As has happened in the past, the Korean company is a step ahead of other companies in terms of innovation, and it has production facilities devoted to Flexible panels. Samsung continues to be the leading manufacturer in terms of smartphones. Nevertheless, the company announced recently a major drop in sales of handsets. This is due to the decrease in the purchase of Galaxy devices and the entry into the market of Chinese companies like Lenovo or Xiaomi.

Therefore, the company wants to reduce its product 25 to 30 percent by 2015. And they have decided to improve quality of their handsets against the amount of equipment they had. Maybe Samsung has designed equipment to launch more affordable and with high-end design, considering the strategy Xiaomi. It would not be anything crazy that Samsung would do, and Samsung seems to be focusing on smaller products portfolio, higher quality, which would give rise to higher profits. “Reducing the number of models allow the company to lower prices”, said Robert Yi , head of investor relations for the company in the same field. So, has indicated that the price in the midrange terminals is a factor, as well as in high-end equipment the key to a client choose a smartphone, and the innovation can make a real difference, because users would definitely pay more if they can get something what is not available in the market, won’t they?

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