Samsung unveils flexible battery for smart clothing

Samsung has introduced a flexible, rollable battery for intelligent garments. This device was unveiled at the InterBattery 2014 show, held in Seoul from 14 to 17 October. The Korean company is one of the mobile manufacturers with more investment in the field of R & D (Research and Development ), that is what makes this kind of projects.

For example, the company spends special budgets in developing technology incorporating screens (which is what led to its AMOLED panels), as well as the creation of products like the Galaxy Note Edge, which integrates a piece of curved screen on one of its sides. This department also invests primarily in technology related to all batteries, as it is a matter of consumers’ care. That would be the reason that the company would have developed this device .

According to reports from Indonesian media, this has been possible because it incorporated a structural design and special materials. In fact, they claim that “you can bend adopting the circular shape like a plastic cup.” Although it look like a very interesting project, this technology is not yet ready for release . Samsung SDI intends to further develop its flexible batteries, because they expect to sell them in three years or so.

In addition to this prototype, the company has filed in this event type battery pin that measures just 20 x 3.6 mm and has a capacity of ten milliamperes. The size of this container energy is similar to a pill and are intended to serve for future intelligent garments, like the other gadget. With all these new technologies, it is clear that Samsung is strongly committed to wearables.

From our perspective, one of the biggest problems of these portable devices are the battery, which in most cases, hardly serve for a day. This is quite uncomfortable as we need to charge every night. For that reason, it’s a relief to know that the manufacturers have realized this problem and are trying to put a solution.

In short, it appears that these terminals we can take with us at any time and monitor our lives. Samsung already has a few of these wearables available in the market. In fact, last September Samsung added over three intelligent wearables to its catalog: the Gear VR, Gear S and Gear Circle. The first of these are some glasses that, when combined with the Galaxy Note 4, the user can delve into the world of virtual reality. The second of these devices is a smart watch that allows you to insert a SIM. Finally, the last of these device (Gear Circle) is a wireless headset with magnetic closure.

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