Samsung Pays $1000 million to Microsoft for producing Android Phones

It might sound weird that Samsung Paying Microsoft for producing Android Phone, though Microsoft doesn’t own Android, and Microsoft also asked Nokia to stop manufacturing and doing any experiment on Android Phones. Well, that absolutely true that Samsung had to pay $1,000 million to Microsoft which is relate to the Android Phone patent. The two companies agreed to a royalty payment for each of the Android handsets sold by Sasung, and the exceptional growth that the Korean company has had in recent years, the amount reached a good figures.

The problem is that after the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, Samsung wants to renegotiate the terms of the agreement, but Microsoft has clearly said that they have not breached any contract term with Nokia Purchase. What many did not expect is the amount of money that can reach there, and some leaked documents indicate that only by the Android devices sold last year, Samsung had to pay 1,000 million to the American company, a really high amount that could rise even more if the Korean company continues to increase its dominance of the Android devices.

The agreement was made prior to the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft. According to Samsung , this acquisition marks a change in the market situation and therefore the terms should be renegotiated, which is something Microsoft is not willing to accept. So the controversy and the patent war will continue. Such confrontations have kept the courts busy these days. One of the most famous fighting has been between Samsung and Apple, which in some cases have led to a temporary ban on the sale of certain models.

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